PetCert’s Philanthropy

At PetCert we believe that it is a companies duty to give back to the customers and the communities they serve. In 2017 PetCert is planning many philanthropic grants and community projects designed to directly impact the groups we serve. These donations are generated primarily from our company revenue, and are one of our most powerful tools for change. Every PetCert registered organization is a philanthropist with us.

Please click on the button below to go to our non-profit website and sign up for the Petcert Newsletter. We will send periodic updates of future community projects, grants and contests. PetCert also believes in co-creation and will send you periodic surveys where you can voice your ideals, concerns and what types of programs your organization and your community would benefit from. We look forward to working with your organization and assisting you in your future animal pursuits.

~The PetCert Team

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